Technical Program Management

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    I work with BlueHawk and am staffing a contract content lead job at the big M right now. I took it to get back in after a 3 year time away with my baby. It's been a good gig but I'd really like to break into am FTE position and the reality is working contract sometimes works cross purposes to that end. So do it but put a timeline on it.

    I've heard that a good way to ease back into TPM roles is to "try and buy" as a contractor. In Seattle there's a ton of contract firms (sometimes called body shops) that staff for 3-6-9 month time periods inside Microsoft, Amazon and other places. Some, like Blueprint and Simplicity, are friendly to returning to the workforce hires.

    What’s the best way to get back to technical program management? Has anyone here tried to do this after a break? I've been away for 7 years. I'd love to go back, but am concerned my skills are rusty. Also I had a bad experience at my last employer so I've got some negative feelings about that job that's maybe inhibiting my search. Anyways - any ideas?

    Please be polite, professional and productive in our forums (and we know you know that!) The Swing Shift provides programs and services for women who are looking to shift roles or careers, or get back into the workplace after a break. We work with employers across the U.S. to reincorporate this hidden talent pool back into the workforce. We also provide corporate programming focused on recruiting, retention and returnships. Finally we provide workshops, consulting and placement services.
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