I’ve had a 5 year career break. Do I even have a hope of getting a job in my former field?

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    This is a rhetorical question because of course you can. There are several levers you can pull as you get back to work. These include what type of work: full-time, part-time or contract? What's your expectations around how much you'll get paid? Have you been active in any community groups where you can tap the network to talk with folks? Especially if you've been away for a while, check out some industry groups like Association for Women in Communications, IXDA, Wowon in Product. A couple of meetings and online community lurking will clue you in to what's hot, current nomenclature and also provides a new network for you

    Please be polite, professional and productive in our forums (and we know you know that!) The Swing Shift provides programs and services for women who are looking to shift roles or careers, or get back into the workplace after a break. We work with employers across the U.S. to reincorporate this hidden talent pool back into the workforce. We also provide corporate programming focused on recruiting, retention and returnships. Finally we provide workshops, consulting and placement services.
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